What is the SpaceBuzz Program?

It is a program supporting the STE(A)M education integrated in the school education for children aged 1012, during which the children become acquainted with the space, the Earth planet, their approach to climate and environmental protection becomes responsible, their communication and cooperation skills as well as their creativity develop.

The SpaceBuzz program


What is STE(A)M?


First you have to understand STEM. STEM is a an English acronym from the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics words and being a summary name of real sciences. The essence of STE(A)M is to integrate STEM subjects with non-STEM subjects (All, i.e. all) and this is how the educational material is formed. (E.g. mathematics with history, etc.)

How is the education made?

During the education in the frame of 12 lessons/missions and a VR space travel the children acquire knowledge about the space, the Solar System, our planet - the Earth, organic and inorganic nature and its condition. An essential part of the education is the presentation of the possibilities of what students can do in the field of climate and environmental protection.

The program includes 3 phases:

  1. Astronaut education prior to the flight:performance of missions 1 to 6
    1. the education material arrives at the class;
    2. the education including offline and online elements, as well, begins.
  2. A Gaining mission experience during virtual space travel: arrival of spacecraft, boarding the vehicle, SpaceBuzz start. során missziós tapasztalatszerzés: űrkabin/űrhajó érkezése, beszállás a járműbe, SpaceBuzz start.
  3. Activities following the flight: travelers’ press conference where they share their experiences with their schoolmates, inspire their parents, relatives and friends with the unique experiences they acquired, share them with other schools (online). Performance of mission 7 to 12.

Astronaut education prior to the flight:

Virtual space travel

How much does it cost to the schools?

There is no cost to the schools, the SpaceBuzz Program is organized on an international, non-profit basis. The participation is free of charge for the schools.

Where is the project now?

As a result of a successful Erasmus+ competition and thanks to our enthusiastic supporters, more than 80 schools from all over the country and more than 5,300 students from all over the country are now involved in the free, but registration required, experiential, special STE(A)M education programme, led by more than 170 trained teachers.


In case the resources (EU support, state budget, tenders, donations, etc.) make it possible, the SpaceBuzz education program can become available for all the Hungarian children within and beyond Hungarian borders.

What is the sense, target of this program?

There are at least three:

  1. Climate and environmental protection is one of the most significant problems of our time. As a result of the program, the thinking of the future generation becomes more responsible.
  2. The number of STEM career choices is currently showing a decreasing trend, so we already inspire children in the direction of STEM at this age.
  3. It develops the knowledge of the future generation, develops their communication, cooperation and creative skills.